L I V E     E X P L O R E     S H A R E    C O M M U N I C A T E

With atelier.von I created a platform for others and myself to live, explore, share and communicate the fascination of natural products. To celebrate the simplicity of everyday items within a sustainable lifestyle and to learn about crafting with pure materials.


Living with the understanding and admiration for natures gifts and treating those in balance with our self.


Taking care.


Of us, our spouses, our local surrounding and our world. Together with you I want to explore this curiosity and reawaken our roots of letting our hands create.


Natural dyeing is to me a valuation of all above. Consciously deciding for non toxic dyes and turning our back to the fast fashion environment. Atelier.von is constantly striving for local partners and better raw materials. Reusing or recycling our dye vats, growing dyeing plants in our garden or collecting kitchen waste from local businesses.

Being mindful about our consumption and creative about natures purposes. Lets open up our mind for a new approach of textile dyeing and allowing natures imperfection.




Our products have been carefully sourced and hand dyed. The purpose of its design are to engage the simplicity of its product with the complexity of it production.