W H O L E S A L E 

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At the wonderful store of Nataša Vučković you will find next to our VELVET SCUNCHIES an amazing choice of paper goods designed by NAVUCKO herself. Nataša finds the most adoring and wonderful soul-items to accompany her excellent products. Check out her selection of amazing stationaries, ceramics and sweet surprises. My go-to-gift-store for sure. 

Our newest addition to our wholesale family are the amazing people from Atelier Tulāni in Berlin. Line & Reza created a wonderful space of danish minimalism - feng shui & Persian handmade carpets. This mix works wonderfully and next to their designed products are a handful of carefully selected items. All aligned with the feng shui mentality and exceptionally well coordinated amazes this space with its amazing products. 

In the cozy neighbourhood St.Pauli in Hamburg you will find the sweet shop of Fritjof - atelier.91 - Fritjof created an amazing space for beautiful art prints and the nicest gifts to locally made ceramics. At atelier.91 you will find our products laying right next to the best gifts for the next birthday or celebration. You can also find most products online - if you are not close for a visit.