All workshops at our Head Quarter are in tied connection with our garden. We will pick, explore and choose our dye material from fresh flowers , our food waste items ( we have used for the workshop-lunch bites) or preserved dried dye plants. The workshop will be a collective experience through the crafts of natural dyeing. I will share its benefits in comparison to modern dyes and share the ancient history of it.

You will learn to identify dye materials, prepare your textile for dyes, extract dyeing pigments from your chosen plants and finally dye your fabric. 

I decided to define my workshops in four core approaches

L I V E - E X P L O R E - C O M M U N I C A T E - S H A R E . Each workshop can be booked by itself or also build up each other. Every course holds individual lessons and experiences. 


Natural dyeing classes anywhere. I am happily joining you during you event anywhere in Europe. To share the excitement and the magic of botanical dyes is always special. Please contact me via hello@atelier-von.com to get in touch and hire me as your natural dyeing class host. 

W O R K S H O P     U P D A T E S

Hamburg - 7. March 2020 (Get Tickets Now)
Barcelona - 11. April 2020 ( Get Tickets Now)
Witzhave Dyers Garden - (June)
Hannover - (August)

A T E L I E R . V O N 

L I V E - C L A S S Hamburg

During the workshop we will express our self through natural dyeing. 

We will connect with our curiosity and search for answers together.


          You will learn during this workshop:

  • small history of natural dyeing
  • understanding natural dyes vs chemical dyes
  • using dry & fresh plant extract
  • dyeing fabric in dye bath 


Next Workshop:

7th March 2020 @studio42 in Hamburg Altona



The workshop will include dye material & fabrics, one net bag dyed by your self,

various fabric samples, small bites, hot & cold beverages.

The duration will be approx.  4 hours



L I V E - W O R K S H O P - 4hours

85,00 €

  • Available

T I N T E S N A T U R A L E S - Barcelona


During this workshop I will share in the most lovely

garage-garden in Poblenou the exciting world of natural dyeing. 

Between a uncountable pottet local plants we will explore dyeing with

kitchen waste and dyers plants.



You will learn during this workshop:

  • natural dyeing vs chemical dyes.
  • identifying dye plants in our local environment
  • extracting dye from different dye material ( fresh plants, bark, etc)
  • preparing your fibers for the dye
  • how to fixate pigments in your material 


Next Workshop:

11th April 2020 - Poblenou Barcelona


This workshop will include dye material & various fabric samples,

a totebag for you to dye,  small lunch bites,

cold & hot beverages. 

The duration will be 3 hours, the class will be in english & spanish


>> Please feel welcome to bring preloved clothing / fibers to dye with & contact me to discuss possibilities <<


EXPLORE - Workshop 5h

65,00 €

  • Available