All workshops at our Head Quarter are in tied connection with our garden. We will pick, explore and choose our dye material from fresh flowers , our food waste items ( we have used for the workshop-lunch bites) or preserved dried dye plants. The workshop will be a collective experience through the crafts of natural dyeing. I will share its benefits in comparison to modern dyes and share the ancient history of it.

You will learn to identify dye materials, prepare your textile for dyes, extract dyeing pigments from your chosen plants and finally dye your fabric. 

I decided to define my workshops in four core approaches

L I V E - E X P L O R E - C O M M U N I C A T E - S H A R E . Each workshop can be booked by itself or also build up each other. Every course holds individual lessons and experiences. 


Natural dyeing classes anywhere. I am happily joining you during you event anywhere in Europe. To share the excitement and the magic of botanical dyes is always special. Please contact me via hello@atelier-von.com to get in touch and hire me as your natural dyeing class host. 

W O R K S H O P     U P D A T E S

Barcelona - 11. April 2020 - cancelled - new date: pending
Witzhave - 5. September & 12. September - Dyer's Garden

A T E L I E R . V O N 


This naturally dyeing workshop is created to explore natural dyeing together, yet being apart. These new time has taught us so many things and one is to adapt. For this summer I planned many trips through Europe to share my knowledge and excitement for natural pigments but to obvious reasons they all had to be cancelled. To cross rivers one has to build bridges, so I decided to create a way to dye with plant together, in your home. The workshop will be an online class. That means at the date you've selected we will video chat and I will guide you through all natural dyeing experiments. All materials will be send to you ahead. This way you won't have to collect or figure out how to get all materials needed. 


The class will be 3h (approx) and is a one to one class. This way you can ask all your questions and I can help you with your individual creativity. We will video chat (skype or zoom needed) and the workshop will be as if you would be here in the dyer's garden. All dye material & textiles will be send to you. Including dye material for 2 different dye baths (colors can be discussed), dyed flowers & dye material for a steam dye, several fabric swatches & samples of various fiber and one cotton net bag to dye by your self. Starting time will be discussed individually.


This class will be a one to one since it will happen in your home. If you would like your roommate or friend to join please book an additional person's ticket to your order. 


You will learn during this workshop:

  • Small History of natural dyeing 
  • Natural dyes vs chemical dyes
  • How to set up natural dyes
  • Mordanting Fiber



Utensils you will need from your kitchen for the class:

2 pot's (at least one which can be stained or scrubbed very hard)

Cooker/hot plates

2 Tablespoon

1 Teaspoon

1 Glass Jar / Jug

1 Colander

1 kitchen scales (if possible)



Next Online Class:

  • contact me simply for time and date 


You will need to book your class two weeks ahead. This way your dye material will be in time delivered to you.


>> All recordings of the workshop (in video or sound) are forbidden <<

Online Workshop

85,00 €

  • Available
  • 4 - 8 days delivery1